FOFCM is a non-profit charitable organization (501 c 3) whose purpose is to support foreign and domestic Christian missionaries who hold to our  basic doctrinal beliefs and to distribute free Bibles and literature.  Our board members consist of the following:  Steve Reinert -President, Wilfrid Michel –Secretary, Michael James –Treasurer. 

Our missionaries are the following:  Mr. and Mrs. Pallab and Tunu Lima (India – Full time), Mr. and Mrs. Steve and Susila Reinert (volunteers- records, planning, tract distribution, Bible studies), Mr. Donald Hollmann, (volunteer – India Bible conferences, tract distribution, fund raising), Mr Wilfrid Michel (volunteer – Bible studies to young people and tract distribution in New York City, web site development for FOFCM), Mr. Eladio Perez (volunteer – Spanish translator for literature). We also have several volunteers who distribute Bible tracts in the New York City area.  



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ABibleverse.org pausing (God bless you!) Greetings, Our daily Scripture email delivery will be unavailable while we upgrade our system. We expect it to continue in the near future. We encourage you to continue to read Scripture every day, it is alive and powerful. Many devotions are available at aDevotion.org/archive as well as adevotion.blogspot.com; additional Bible teachings are available at believers.org.

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